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how I enhanced my communication skills

Communication is the keystone to personal and professional success- without it, we would have no means of making meaningful connections. 

Through many years of collaborative teamwork, I have come to value the art of communication and can proudly classify both written and oral communication as two of my greatest strengths. 

Click the video to the right for a closer look into my journey towards mastering successful communication. 




Organization & Time management 

Organization and time management have not always been my strong suit. Being on the executive board for Chi Omega, Eta Beta has helped me fine tune my organization and time management skills tremendously.  How did I improve?

1. Deadlines: My position was responsible for meeting numerous deadlines weather it be for billing members, state and local safety regulations or deadlines set for the executive board as a whole.

2. Delegation: I oversaw a committee of 12 women and delegated various tasks to them throughout my year long term. While overseeing this group, I learned that asking for help is not only okay but necessary when trying to accomplish complex long term goals! 

3. Scheduling: Believe it or not, keeping a house filled with 69 women orderly is a tricky task. Scheduling became my life when I held this position and I would be in charge of scheduling house duties, maintenance visits, fire drills and almost everything pertaining to the facility. 


Event Catering

Rates starting at $500

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Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing