Inherently Innovative



If there was one word to describe your company it would be: innovative. 

Because you are here now, something tells me you work in an environment filled with encouragement, inspiration, and talent. Your company works diligently to help customers tell their story and you love getting out of bed each and every morning because of it.  

You are fantastic at what you do and now you are looking to add an ambitious college student to your team of creative wizards- but not just any student will do. 

You are likely looking for some new talent, with a fresh perspective, to better serve your customers. You need someone who is passionate, curious, creative, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Hiring the RIGHT people is imperative to the growth of your business, so this candidate needs to check all of those boxes.

 Well hey there, I believe I've got what you're looking for.


My name is Emily Krueger and I'm an inherently innovative branding enthusiast.


Why branding?

First and foremost, I am a marketing and entrepreneurship student at Iowa State University (Roll Clones), and nothing excites me more than branding.

 After being exposed to the branding process through an entrepreneurial venture in high school, I became infatuated with the fact that brands provide an outlet for consumers to showcase their identity, and entrepreneurs their vision.

Although the nonprofit I co-founded is no longer up and running today, I gained an abundance of knowledge from this unique experience- the most impactful being the significance of branding. Throughout this process, I was able to see the precision and complexity that accompanies a successful brand which ultimately led me to study marketing as well as entrepreneurship at Iowa State. By studying marketing and entrepreneurship, I hope to learn how to affectively communicate a brands added value to customers in an enticing and fun way!

The passion I have for marketing, branding, and new business development has blossomed in the classroom for the past three years. Now, I am eager to take the next step in becoming a full fledged branding expert within a summer internship at an inspiring company like yours!


So far so good?

Head over to the Resume page for more detail on my work experience.